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#311: In New Orleans, research on Saint Domingue (fwd)


I was in New Orleans for a few days last week on Trade Union
business and wound up with a day off before more travelling.

While wandering around the delightfull downtown I discovered
the Williams Research Center at 410 Chartes Street.

This is a private library which is open to the public for research into
Louisiana history. As I am a lover of libraries and museums and such I
went in with the idle idea of looking into information on refugees from
Saint Domingue in Louisiana.

They actually have a book in english on exactly that subject. One in
french also.

The english language book is:
The Road to Louisiana
The Saint-Domingue Refugees

published by:
The Center for Louisiana Studies
University of Southwestern Louisiana
Lafayette, Louisiana

The french language book is:
Les Colons de Saint-Domingue
Debien et Le Gardeur

There is a short reference in the english language book
to "Point Coupee's slave insurrection of 1795"
which had 4 blancs convicted along with 30 or so esclaves.