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#347: Corbetteers at Olofsson (fwd)


Dear Corbettland,

I just came back from a two week trip in Haiti. I spent the first four days 
in "Ramsey Clark's"  room at the Olofsonn because I have read some much of 
that place in Corbettland, I decided to stay there for some time.

What struck me is that those four days were like an unplanned  Corbett's line 
reunion. I have met people from Australia,to  London, to France. All regions 
in the U.S were represented from  California, to the mid west, to New 
England. Members from  P-au-Prince were there also. I did not realize there 
was such an interesting Bob Corbett's world out there. I was able to meet 
some frequent writers, some who never write; others who are not on the list, 
but get copies of the letters sent to them.

I met some who complained of not seeing enough letters during the summer 
while I thought that was enough for me to handle because I was getting too 

We were laughing about how angry we get when Bob does not post some of our 
letters.  I thought I was the only person who got very upset at Bob at times. 
But it seemed that from what I gathered Bob likes people who confront him. I 
have sent some very mean, tensed, confrontational mails to Bob. There are 
times I say to myself" Bob is definitely going to remove me from his list 
after this one." Of course those exchanges do not get posted.

I have also heard about a woman( there might be more) who was willing to 
travel to meet Bob and have lunch or dinner  with him, but that did  not 

Last May, I thought about sending an idea of a Corbett's reunion , but 
retracted. I had so much fun meeting some Corbeteers that I would like to 
suggest a planned Corbett gathering next year between February and August.  
Is that feasible?

I have a 20 page hand written journal (I do not have on laptop) that I have 
kept all along that trip.  From time to time,  I will comment.