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#342: Haitian Folktales (fwd)

From: Debby Mattil <dmattil@lu.com>

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Haitian Folktales
Liliane Nerette Louis
Edited by Fred J. Hay

World Folklore Series
The most magical time in Haiti comes when night falls, for that is when the 
stories begin. People young and old gather round. The storyteller says 
"Kric!"  the audience responds "Krac!" and all of the children become very 
excited for this means it's storytime. In Haiti, a country rich in spirit 
and culture, the oral tradition is alive and well. Storyteller Liliane 
Nerette Louis' collection taps into that tradition, offering us a glimpse 
into a beautiful and mysterious country. Through lively tales remembered 
from childhood, Louis shares with readers and listeners the warmth, 
fondness, and humor of her homeland.

Arranged by subjects and themes-Bouki and Malis (mythical characters in 
Haitian folklore); stepmothers; animals; kings and princes; ghosts, zonbi, 
and tonton makout; and love and courtship-the 28 tales lend themselves to a 
variety of purposes. The stories can be used for read-alouds with young 
children or for silent reading and reports by older readers. Adult readers 
will also enjoy the wit and wisdom of these tales.

Like other titles in the World Folklore series, this book offers more than 
just stories. Louis shares a variety of her tantalizing, traditional 
recipes. An introduction written by the editor introduces readers to the 
history and culture of the country. Color photographs document the people, 
their art, and their land, and attractive line drawings illustrate the 

Recent political developments in Haiti and the large numbers of Haitian 
immigrants coming to the United States have generated a growing interest in 
our neighboring country. The authentic tales and the unique features of 
Louis' work speak to that interest. A valuable resource for school and 
public libraries, the book will be enjoyed by storytellers and story lovers 
of all ages and backgrounds. All levels.

Liliane Nerette Louis is a professional storyteller, Founder and President 
of the nonprofit organization Just the Way It Was, and a Health Information 
Manager in Miami, Florida. Fred J. Hay is Librarian, W.L. Eury Appalachian 
Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina.

Publication date: 1999  viii, 188p.  color plates	ISBN 1-56308-579-8
$26.50 ($32.00 outside North America)	PRS872/BI/9/98