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#354: inquiring about Margaret Papillon (fwd)


Dear Corbetteers,

I  read "La Marginale", a beautiful, meaningful, intriguing, even romantic  
novel in French  this summer by Margaret Papillon. 
It is  about the intricate life and issues in a middle class, light skin 
family . I bought two  of her books while in Haiti. Does anyone know more 
about her besides she was born in l958  has two kids and a husband?  From her 
novel, I have a sense that the author had lived or studied in the U.S. Does 
she come and do readings in the Haitian community abroad?

It's too bad that such thoughtful and pragmatic authors  don't get too much 

If I had the means, I would make a play and a movie out of"La Marginale". 
It's a good book and Papillon is an excellent novelist. I don't get too crazy 
about novelists, but I like her writings.