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#392: Re: preval in new orleans (fwd)

From:Steven White

Why foreign investment?

 Economic development is what the majority of Haitians want and need.  
 They need an infrastructure to foster this development.  They may 
 benefit from a certain amount of investment capitol in ventures which 
 have high start up costs, such as heavy industry.  Do they really need 
 foreign investment in rice and sugar, or in aquaculture?   What areas 
 does Preval propose for  Haitians to be operating independently of 
 foreign investment?   What improvements to the infrastructure is he 
 implementing?  Where is he encouraging Haitian individuals and 
collectives to take advantage of these opportunities?

 When there are profits from business, the decision about who gets them 
 is usually made by the owners of the business.  Payments to non owners 
 are kept to a minimum.  There will probably be many who say that 
 anything is better than the current economy.  Perhaps.  But Haitians 
 have sacrificed a lot for whatever political independence they have.  It 
 seems a shame that they will not be able to transmit some of that into a 
 modicum of economic independence as well.