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#403: *Erzulie loves Shango* (novel) fwd (fwd)

From: Emmanuel W. Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>


a novel

by Max Dorsinville

Copyright: Les Editions du CIDIHCA
October 1998

ISBN 2-89454-056-6

" *Erzulie loves Shango* is a multilayered story told in the masked form of 
carnival. Nothing is what is seems. Nothing stays the same. The Haitian 
deities of love and fire, Erzulie and Shango, are uprooted from their native 
land as they were originally from their ancestral continent, Africa.
Their reappearance in North America echoes the birth of the Haitian and 
other diasporas of our time.
Love is the unifying dream of a New World for individuals slipping in and 
out of set images.

... A rich and moving read, both articulate and beautiful. Color and 
light... evoked the merging of skin, sky and earth, as it occurs in love, 
and the hideous loneliness that occurs when one is isolated from that 
connection... Exceptionally visual and textured."

-- Sarah Schrank

Max Dorsinville was born in Haiti and raised in Canada and the United 
States. He teaches English at McGill University, in Montreal.]

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