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Post anonymously,

Do you not agree that crack addiction is a serious social issue that has
ravaging families all over?  Is it not interesting to you that the only
found, the African Ibogaine plant, is being used in other parts of the
but not here in the United States?  Maybe you don't feel that this has
anything to do with Haiti or Haitians?  As though crack addiction is not

affecting Haitians.  We are not immune.  We asked a legitimate question,
people can respond directly to me if you don't want the list to be
down by something you have no interest in.  We are interested in knowing
anyone out there in Corbettland knows about the treatment and what the
possibilities are of establishing a treatment center in Haiti.  Can you
us?  Please?  Or will you continue to ignore me?
Kimbe'la pa lague'

Hello Bob,
Sorry for forwarding this post to you again. It came originally from my
cousin who describes her daughter's bout with crack addiction.  Crack
addiction, unfortunately, affects people from all walks of life.  Even
Haitians, although it's not something we would openly discuss, out fear
shame.  But it is a growing problem which we must discuss before we lose

anymore people to it's grip.  Crack addiction destroys not only the
but the family as well. There have been studies done on an African plant

called Ibogaine.  Ibogaine treatments have been known to be successful
treating crack addiction, but the treatment is not recognized in the US.

(Wonder why?)  There are some very expensive treatment centers in South
America and in Europe, but these are not readily accessible to those who

need it most.  That is how my cousin's post came about.  I noticed
looking for Depression treatments had posted anonymously.  Could you
do the same for me?  I would truly appreciate it.  Thanks so much.

Does anyone know of any treatment that works for crack and cocaine
I mean that really works!!!  I have put together a plan for a new drug
addiction treatment in Haiti with the African Ibo plant.  If anyone
would like
to help with this please let me know.  My daughter has been battling
with her
crack addiction for 9 years and tried everything under the sun.  This is
only hope for addicts, but it's extremely expensive. ($17,000 for 2
weeks)--this treatment is experimental conducted by Miami University
underFDA guidance, but not in the U.S. but in a Caribbean island--I have
connections with the
people in Africa who could present a slide show of the whole procedure
and bring seedlings to Haiti..  I
would like to find a clinic in the countryside in Haiti to help with
this.  ANYONE???