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#458: Volunteers needed! (fwd)

From: Jocelyn McCalla <JMcCalla@nchr.org>


		The National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR) will be
hosting a special Benefit Gala on the issue of the RESTAVEK children in
Haiti.  Restavek - which means "stay with" in Haitian Creole and derived
from the French "rester avec" - refers to the system of domestic servitude,
which keeps poor children enslaved and far from their families in what are
often the worst imaginable situations of abuse and neglect.  The book
Restavec (with a "c") recently published by Jean Robert Cadet will be the
center piece of this event.  It tells about his own experience as a child
slave, and how he was able to escape this bondage, but is still tormented by
his past. 

		In order for us to make this happen, we desperately need
your help - not only on the day of the event itself, but also with the
mailings, follow-up phone calls to donors and people purchasing tickets, as
well as other tasks as they arise.  For example, we are in need of talented
graphic artists, writers, photographers and many other skills, but what we
need the most are individuals with a pleasant personality, poise, ability to
communicate with confidence and clarity, a good sense of humor and a sincere
interest in this issue.

		In order to best coordinate our efforts, we have come up
with the following timeline:

		Tasks					Dates

		Mailings				September 14 to 21
10 am to 8 pm

		Follow-up calls			September 22 to 30
1 pm to 8 pm

		Pre-Benefit Reception			September 25 - 26
1 pm to 8 pm

		Miscellaneous				September 30 -
October 31	10 am to 7 pm

		Benefit Gala				November 3
9 am to midnight

		All volunteers are required to help out for at least 5 hours
with the mailings, follow-up calls to donors and people purchasing tickets
or miscellaneous tasks before being allowed to participate at the Gala
itself.  This event requires much coordination before it happens, so the
bulk of the help we need must happen before the day of the Gala.  

		If you would like to volunteer, please contact Denise
Du'Maine at (212) 337-0005, ext. 14 or Merrie Archer, ext. 18.  

		NCHR is a  is a nonprofit non-governmental organization that
seeks to promote and protect the rights of Haitian refugees and
Haitian-Americans under U.S. and international law, and to advance respect
for human rights, the rule of law and support for civil and democratic
society in Haiti. 

		Merrie Archer
		Associate Director for Programs and Development
		National Coalition for Haitian Rights
		(212) 337-0005, extension 18
		MArcher@nchr.org <mailto:MArcher@nchr.org> 
		www.nchr.org <http://www.nchr.org>