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#468:Snakes in Haitian culture: Grey replies to Stockdale


<<  Also, the association made with the word "snake" in the US is sneakly, 
sly, dishonest, etc, etc.  However, organic homes such as those descibed in 
this posting, have no sinister associations  >>

What is all this?

Vodouisants have all sorts of terms involving "snake" in a negative context.  
"Ban lang serpan yo...", begins one Vodou song condemning gossip.  Bunch of 
serpent's tongues!

In one big Bokor's lakou where I lived, in the Artibonite, a snake found in 
the bushes was immediately killed.  At the house where I serve near Jacmel, a 
big boa constrictor lives up in a tree behind our peristyle, and we never 
trouble it.  It all depends, so let's not generalize.

Peace and Love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

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