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#477: Re: Taino re-settling Hayti (La Gonave) (fwd)


Can anyone tell me if the Taino community in La Gonave is related to four 
people I met in Terrier Rouge in 98 who planed to construct a new community 
in La Gonave? Two were French and two were Canadians. Two women and two men, 
not related. They represented "Terre des Jeunes" (Mr. Riel Hauorani), SOS 
Deserts" (Henri Pequignot, an Agric. engineer), and had visited several sites 
in Haiti to choose one for their long term project.  They had worked in other 
countries, including France, Belgium, Africa (forgot which country).  They 
were apparently self-supporting, traveling by tap tap, etc. They stayed with 
us at the St. Barnabas Agricultural Center for a couple of days. I'd like to 
know whether they are involved with the "Taino" project.  Thanks for any info.

David Nealy