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#471: Help in Creole: Vedrine replies to Nozier

From: Emmanuel W. Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

It's something that writers (creolists or not) have to be careful with and I 
published an article last year (ref. "Haitian American News", a Haitian 
monthly newspaper based in Massachusett). We can not take a complete liberty 
to rewrite someone's name (just because we can jot down some sounds of a 
particular language). People have the copyright of themself. So, for the 
sake of respect, I would suggest that someone the names the way the original 
is written, and if someone would like to kreyolize it for fancy linguistic 
sounds, write the kreyolized version in parentheses. Nekita Lamour came up 
few days ago with a good thought: "Let the people lead and leaders follow 


>Actually it seems that all names (french, english, spanish) are
>creolized , about 2 months ago, I found a link on a creole page to the
>"Wobè Kòbet diskisyon gwoup"  ;-)

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