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#478: Housing plan approved (Little Haiti) (fwd)


Published Sunday, September 12, 1999, in the Miami Herald   LITTLE HAITI
 Housing plan approved

 By HANS MARDY Herald Writer 

 Miami-Dade County Commissioners gave a green light Thursday to plans
for turning a two-story Little Haiti apartment building into housing for
the formerly homeless and other tenants. The Little Haiti Gateway
project, at 6201 NE Second Ave., would include up to 70 efficiency units
for former homeless residents, with 12 one-bedroom apartments
 for other tenants. The project is being developed by Carrfour
Corporation Inc., a nonprofit group that operates several homeless
facilities and programs in the county. ``It's a great project for the
Haitian community,'' said Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jeffrey Rosinek,
president of the Carrfour board. ``We will work with the community to
develop commercial sites, and we will also bring people from the
 Haitian community to our board of directors.'' The commission approved
the project unanimously after less than three minutes of discussion.
Representatives from Carrfour and the Little Haiti community
Leonie Hermantin, executive director of the Haitian American Foundation
Inc., thanked Commissioner Barbara Carey Schuler for pulling the project
from the agenda last month so that those who opposed the plan could get
more information.