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#491: Help in Creole: Savain comments on spelling

From: Roger E. Savain <resavain@konpitek.com>

When writing in any language it is important to respect the spelling rules
of that language. Combinations of letters foreign to a reader confuse that
reader and become stumbling blocks to clear comprehension and understanding.
The choice has to be made between writing our name the way we want and have
it mispronounced, or writing it according to the spelling familiar to the
reader who may come up with a more acceptable pronounciation. In French,
they say: "Les noms propres n'ont pas d'orthographe". And, Pierre Vernet,
dean of the Faculty of Appliyed Linguistics in the State University of Haiti
wrote: "Une langue s'écrit non pas en fonction des langues qui ont participé
à sa formation et qui peuvent continuer de l'enrichir, mais selon ses règles
de fonctionnement dans leur réyalités propres..."  (Techniques d'Ecriture du
Créole Haïtien - Imprimerie 'Le Natal', Haiti). All words written in Haitian
Kreyol must conform to the official spelling established since January 31,

Best wishes,

Roger E. Savain
or Woje E. Saven, in Haitian Kreyol