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#501: Contact in the Riviere Froide/Carefour area (fwd)


I have a relationship with a family in ths area which I established several 
years ago through a large international charitable organization.  On several 
occassions I have tried to reach out to this child and his family in areas 
beyond the scope of this organization and provide safe water, food, medical 
and special schooling for the child and his family.  These efforts have only 
been moderately successful when attempted from the states.  When I am in 
residency in Haiti I have been able to deal with this needs directly and felt 
that I was able to make some changes in the families plight.  A prolonged 
battle to keep another child in the states and complete adoption of him has 
prevented me from spending as much time in Haiti as I would like to and I 
have now learned that the family has suffered more dreadfully than I feared.  
I have about given up the idea of trying to do much good for them through the 
easy channel of sending checks to large organizations and I have never 
succeeded in communicating with the family directly without involving 
administrative burocrats in the US, Canada and Haiti.  Is there anyone on the 
list who has any dealings in this area (or better yet with St. Teresa's 
School at Riviere Froide district of P-a-P) who would be welling to 
communicate with me?
Tommy E. Henderson