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#503: Indiana Creole Institute: Allen adds (fwd)

From: Jeff ALLEN <jeff@elda.fr>

For most Creole language website links, try going to the Creole Archives at:
and browse around in the various sections.  I think that there is a section
"website links".   I will ask the webmaster to update various links from
the information below, if it has not yet been done.

Citing from message " #325:  Haitian books & Kreyol connection : Vedrine
already posted on Corbettland, Emmanuelle Vedrine provided the following
info for the CREDLI at Indiana University.
(Note that the http URL appears to be an updated one, compared with the one
I used to access.  The new one might not yet be registered with various
search engines (Lycos, AltaVista, WebCrawler, etc), so it could be
difficult to locate through keyword searches.)

[Bilingual & trilingual dictionaries (English, Kreyol, French), Teaching 
materials for learners of Kreyol, Books and research on Creole Studies]
Indiana University, Ballantine Hall 604
Bloomington, IN 47405-6601 (U.S)
Tel. (812) 855-4988; Fax (812) 855-2386

>Also, does Bryant Freeman have any web presence.
>Corbett adds:  Bryant doesn't.  He doesn't even use e-mail.  I've been
>after him for years about this. He just doesn't want to deal withit.
>However, the University of Kansas book store has a web site andthey
>offer some of Bryant's material.

It is possible to contact Bryant Freeman through the Dept of African
studies (or something like that) via e-mail.  I've done this in the past.
But the replies are always hardcopy by mail.
I have heard that there is a research assistant there who uses e-mail.  I
don't know that address though off-hand.

The Oread Bookstore at U Kans is listed at the http://www.ling.su.se/Creole/
site.  I know that they did some reorganizing of the U Kans site about a
year and
a half ago, so the webpage address may be changed.  I will try to check on
this and
let the webmaster of the Creole Archives know if there is new info on this.


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