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#533: Urban rain capturing systems (fwd)

From: J. David Lyall <dlyall@cruzio.com>
>> > 1- WATER SUPPLY BY RAIN WATER TANKS: an alternative for enhancing the
>> > quality of life within the haitian rural environment.
>> > By: Pierre Naider FANFAN, Evens EMMANUEL, Frantz METELLUS, Paul

This is a worthwhile project. Even more useful, in my opinion, would be urban rain water
supply tanks. I have never seen a haitian roof designed to capture rain water and funnel
it into water tanks. 

The rural US used to have these. My grandparents house had water barrels under the
drain spouts. My friend Sylvia says that rain catching roof sytems is a Peace Corps
priority project in Kenya.

Roi Christophe's buildings had rain catchment systems built in. Every surface of
the Citadelle is designed to catch water and forward it to the cisterns. This would
be quite important in a seige. Also, getting water UP to the Citadelle would 
be quite difficult.

Too bad this, another of Henri's innovations, never caught on.