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#543: Articles on Music and Identity: McAlister gives source

From: Elizabeth McAlister <emcalister@mail.wesleyan.edu>

For an excellent article on Haitian music and identity, see Gage Averill,
"Se Kreyol Nou Ye/We're Creole":  Musical Discourse on Haitian Identities.
In Gerard Behague, ed., Music and Black Ethnicity:  The Caribbean and
South America.  New Brunswick, NJ:  Transaction Press, 1994.  

Other essays in that volume might also help you.  Also, look at Averill's
bibliography in A Day for the Hunter, a Day for the Prey to see other
articles about the Caribbean and Latin America.  Temple Press has
published a series including books on Bachata, Merengue, Reggae, and
Trinidad Carnival. . . check their web site. 

As for records, Smithsonian does have Drums of Defiance on Maroon rhythms,
but nothing i know of on pan-jamaican music.  You'll have to put your own
disc together! You can call
Smithsonian and get their catalog (might even be on line).  Also check
Island Mango for Jamaican recordings.  You might also ask Barbara Browning
for her course syllabus on world music and performance issues, at NYU.
Good luck with a fun course, Paul!


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