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#541: Savain replies on Creole

From: "Roger E. Savain" <resavain@konpitek.com>

With all due respect to professor Allen and many other highly qualified and
competent linguists, it does not seam appropriate to undermine the validity
and importance of the official January 1980 IPN/Haitian Ministry of National
Education orthography of Haitian Kreyol. The reason for not using the
"accent aigu" on the  e  is because in Haitian Kreyol, the  e is always
open. It is known that among the French based Kreyol languages there are
differences, but each language is written according to its own rules. It is
not fair to mislead uninformed readers in order to impose an opinion. The
usage of any language must conform to its up-to-date rules. All other
references are part of historical research. Otherwise there will be complete
So, let's keep ourselves informed. Haitian language and religion are the two
legs upon which Haiti can enter into the 21th century with some dignity.
Let's try to give them the respect they deserve.

Best wishes,

Roger E. Savain