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#545: Davis replies on drums in church (fwd)

Subject: Davis replies on drums in church

My husband Geraud Dimanche is a master Haitian drummer & knows all the
traditional rhythm families used in Haiti. He now plays in a Detroit
Catholic church every Sunday, but for 20 years before he came to the USA (c.
1974-1995) he played every Sunday at St. Gerard's in P-a-P, which is where
he first learned to play, as well as for various Haitian folkloric dance
groups, and teaching children drumming & dancing at schools around P-a-P. He
uses a standard system of how one uses the traditional, Vodou-related
rhythms in the context of a Catholic church service--e.g., which rhythm for
communion service, which one for quiet prayer, which ones for processional,
etc. which I gather he learned 20 years ago--I can ask him.