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#569: Speakers' schedule (fwd)

From: Tom F. Driver <tfd3@columbia.edu>

                         THE GLOBALIZED ECONOMY 

Witness for Peace will soon bring speakers from both Haiti and Chiapas to 
the Mid-Atlantic Region.  They will report on popular resistance to 
economic policies being forced upon their two localities by The World 
Bank, The International Monetary Fund, multinational corporate 
interests, and the governments of the United States and Mexico. 

The most visible sign of resistance in Chiapas, a state in southern 
Mexico, is the Zapatista movement, which surfaced on January 1, 1994, 
and has recently been in the headlines again because of renewed attempts 
by the Mexican army to crush it.  In Haiti, the resistance plunged 
the country into a political crisis that has lasted for three years. 
The conflict in both places concerns issues that affect the entire 
developing world. 

The speakers will be: 

        CAMILLE CHALMERS, Executive Director of PAPDA (Platform for an 
Alternative Development for Haiti).  A survivor of imprisonment and 
torture during Haiti's military dictatorship,  Chalmers is a former Chief 
of staff of President Aristide's government-in-exile.  He is also 
Professor and Vice-Dean of the State University of Haiti and a 
consultant to the United Nations. 

        GUSTAVO CASTRO SOTO, international policy analyst for CIEPAC 
(Economic and Political Research Center for Community Action) in 
Chiapas.  Castro Soto is a former member of Bishop Ruiz's National 
Mediation Commission support team and a former resettlement coordinator 
for Guatemalan refugees. 

Witness for Peace is a politically independent movement of people of 
faith and conscience, dedicated to nonviolence, seeking to change 
U.S. policy in Central America and the Caribbean .  Founded in 1983 to 
provide witness and documentaton during the Contra War in Nicaragua, it 
has sponsored over 600 delegations to, and published documentation on, 
U.S.-backed military and economic violence in Nicaragua, Guatemala, 
Cuba, Chiapas, and Haiti. 


Philadephia area 

Camille Chalmers alone: 

Oct     1       Fri.    11:15am Community College of Philadelphia 
                                Contact: Fay Beauchamp, 

        2       Sat.    10:00am Old St. Augustine's Church in Philadelphia 
                                Contact: Father Joe 
                                Genito, 215-627-1316 

                         7:30pm St. Martin's in the Fields Church, 
                                Chestnut Hill 
                                Contact: Michael Norman, 215-280-7780 

Camille Chalmers and Gustavo Castro Soto: 

Oct     3       Sun.     3:00pm Pacem in Terris, Wilmington 
                                Contact: Sally Millbury, 302-656-2721 

                         7:00pm Friends Meeting House, Swarthmore 
                         Contact: Wendy Chmelewski, 610-328-8557 

        4       Mon.    10:00am Westchester State University 
                                Contact: Fred Struckmeyer, 610-436-2754 

                         3:00pm St. Joseph's University 
                                Contact: Rick Warren, 610-660-1747 

                         5:30pm Maryknoll House 
                         Contact: Linda Panetta, 215-473-2162 

        5       Tue.    10:00am Villanova University 
                                Contact: Joe Betts, 610 519 4708 

                        12:00 noon  American Friends Service Committee 
                                Contact: Jennifer Atlee, 215-241-7162 

New York City area 

In this area, the speakers will be Introduced by Tom F. Driver, Professor of  
Theology and Culture Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary in New York   

Tues. Oct. 5 
    8:00 pm -- The Puffin Cultural Forum, 20 E. Oakdene Ave., 
               Teaneck, NJ (co-sponsored by the Bergen County 
               Committee on Central America) 
               Phone:  201-836-8923 

Wed.  Oct. 6 
    12:00 - 13:30 pm -- NACLA (North American Committee on Latin 
                        America) 475 Riverside Drive, Manhattan. 

    7:00 pm -- Union Theological Seminary, 3041 Broadway, 
               Phone: 212-662-7100 

Thurs.  Oct. 7 
    12:30 pm -- William Patterson University, New Jersey 

     7:30 pm -- Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, 
                53 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn 
                (co-sponosred by Lafayette Ave. Presbyterian Church 
                and Park Slope Methodist Church) 
                Phone:  718 768 2972 

Fri.  Oct. 8 
    7:30 pm -- Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, 351 E. 74th St., 
               Phone:  212-288-6743 

Gustavo Castro Soto alone: 

Oct.	21	Thu.	 9:30 or 12:30 (to be determined) 
                                Community College of Philadelphia 
                                Contact: Fay Beauchamp, 215-751-8668 

        22      Fri.     7:00pm Pennswood Village, Bucks County 
                                Contact: Elizabeth Huberman, 215-968-2913 

Overall contact: 
Tom F. Driver and Anne L. Barstow 
Witness for Peace, Mid-Atlantic Region 
Phone:  413-229-2604 or 212-662-8209 
Email:  tfd3@columbia.edu 

Tom F. Driver
Sheffield, MA