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#570: Haitian Art catalogue- where to get it (fwd)

From: Ingegerd N Petersen <inp.ry@ci.kk.dk>

To all of you who are interested in the Jorgen Leth art catalogue, here
is how to get it:

The catalogue is for sale only in the book shop in connection with the
exhibition. They say that the best thing is to contact them by fax and
give a visa/mastercard number, expiring date, and your exact mailing
address. They are not on e-mail.

The address of the bookshop is

Arnold Busck
Brandts Klaedefabrik
Brandts Passage 37
5000 Odense C

Fax: +45 6614 5376

The price will be approx. $60 including postage (the catalogue is quite

I hope this will do.