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#582: Re French and its future in Haiti : Fonda comments

From: Dave Fonda <fonphoto@snip.net>

Regardless of the demise, or lack there of, of French in Haitian culture, the futility of it¹s being taught to the average Haitan child remains.  I feel no glee at the ever increasing homogeneousness of world culture;  rather the uniqueness of each culture ought to be accepted, and celebrated, and Keryol ought to be the primary language in Haiti, not just for everyday conversation, but for every days tranasactions.  I would, however, feel glee in the demise of a tool of exclusion.

Again, I am no expert, and my experience lies primarily with average Haitians, but from what I¹ve seen the average Haitian can make better use of English than French.  And the teaching of French, and other subjects, by rote is ineffectual.  

Haiti needs to make the most of all of it¹s resources;  it¹s people are it¹s greatest resource, and it needs to give it¹s children the most useful knowledge it can in the most efficient manner possible. 

R E S P E C T;

     Dave Fonda

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