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#601: Request for data on Haiti (fwd)


Someone has indicated to me the following statistics as having come from a UN 
report.  From my own reality and many visits to Haiti the numbers are more 
than optimistic.  Knowing that stats are difficult to get about Haiti I would 
like to get a consensus from folks as to what the numbers should be for the 
following items.  
(I have put in parenthesis below what I think the reality is for some of the 

-4% of Haiti's population owns 65% of the country's resources (1%)
-average per capita income in Haiti is $240
-average per capita income in rural areas is $150
-population of Haiti is nearly 8 million (7.5 million)
-70% of the people live in abject poverty (90%)
-nearly 50% of the population have no access to health care (90%)
-less than 30% of the population have no access to safe drinking water (15%)
-more than 25% of  children are malnourished (85%)
-1 in 10 people depend on food rations from international agencies
-67% of all children abandon primary school before completing the six-year 
-Haiti's illiteracy rate is more than 55% (85%)
-less than 50% of school children have access to textbooks 

Bob DellaValle-Rauth