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#623: Artists' Talks in Brooklyn, NY

From: Jerry Philogene <jqp7197@is.nyu.edu>

Hello Mr. Corbett.

Can you please post this announcement.  Thank you.
Jerry Philogene
Brooklyn, New York

In conjunction with Family, Fission and Fusion: Hispaniola there will be
Artists' Talks on Sunday, October 3rd and Sunday October 17th at 3:00

October 3rd will feature:
Michele Marclin
Diogenes Abreu
Luanda Lozano
Hochi Asiatico
Vladimir Cybil

October 17th will feature:
Freddy Rodriquez
Rejin Leys
Andre Juste
Francks Deceus
Scherazade Garcia

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the artists and learn about the
fantastic work that is currently being featured in Family, Fission
and Fusion: Hispaniola.

The talks are free and open to the public. They will be held at Imarisha
Art House, 209 Ocean Avenue, between Lincoln Road and Parkside Avenue,
Brooklyn, New York, (718) 284-0260.