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#631: Speakers from Haiti and Chiapas in NY/NJ (fwd)

From: d. e s s e r <mabouye@escape.com>
From: Dominique E. <mabouye@escape.com>

           Witness for Peace invites you to hear speakers from
                            HAITI  AND CHIAPAS
             On Popular Resistance to the Globalized Economy
 Camille Chalmers, Executive Director of PAPDA (Platform for an Alternative
 Development for Haiti).  A survivor of imprisonment and torture during
 Haiti's military dictatorship, Chalmers is a former Chief of staff of
 President Aristide's government-in-exile.  He is also Professor and
 Vice-Dean of the State University of Haiti and a consultant to the United
 Gustavo Castro Soto, international policy analyst of CIEPAC (Economic and
 Political Research Center for Community Action), in Chiapas, Mexico. 
 Castro Soto is a former member of Bishop Samuel Ruiz's National Mediation
 Commission support team and a former resettlement coordinator for
 Guatemalan refugees.
 Introduced by Tom F. Driver, Professor of Theology and Culture Emeritus,
 Union Theological Seminary
                        At these times and places:
                      Tuesday, Oct. 5, 1999, at 8:00 PM
                          The Puffin Cultural Forum
                           20 East Oakdene Avenue
                                 Teaneck, NJ
                             Phone 201-836-8923
                     Wednesday, Oct. 6, 1999 at 7:00 PM
                         Union Theological Seminary
                            Broadway at 121st St.
                                New York, NY
                             Phone 212-662-7100
                     Thursday, Oct. 7, 1999, at 7:30 PM
                    Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
                            53 Prospect Park West
                                Brooklyn, NY
                             Phone 718 768 2972
                      Friday, Oct. 8, 1999, at 7:30 PM
                       The Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
                             351 E. 74th Street
                                New York, NY
                             Phone 212-288-6743
 Chiapas, in southern Mexico, and the Caribbean nation of Haiti are two 
 places in the western hemisphere where resistance to the economic 
 measures of "the new world order" are most strong.  Witness for Peace is 
 proud to offer a joint appearance by two distinguished speakers reporting on 
 popular resistance to the pressures their lands are under from The World 
 Bank, The International Monetary Fund, multinational corporate interests, 
 and the governments of the United States and Mexico.  
 The most visible sign of resistance in Chiapas, a state in southern Mexico,
 is the Zapatista movement, now in the headlines again because of renewed
 attempts by the Mexican army to crush it.  In Haiti, the resistance has
 plunged the country into a lengthy political crisis.    The conflict in
 both places concerns issues that affect the entire developing world.
 Tom F. Driver
 Sheffield, MA
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