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#650: Durban suggestions re. email communications (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

I don't have enough detailed info to explain the
current shut-down of ACN internet services, although
rumor in Haiti has it that there may be a resolution
in the coming week.  Most likely a pay-off, which will
restore service but at a higher cost for users.
Problem apparently stems from a new
(politically-appointed) Teleco Director claiming that
ACN is stealing customers from the Haitian State phone
monopoly (Teleco), and getting someone in the Haitian
legal establishment shut ACN down.  To this observer
on the ground, it seems a case of "if I can't provide
the service I don't want anyone else to provide it

What is truly astonishing is that the Government of
Haiti cannot see the long-term harm done by willingly
cutting the country off from the rest of the world. 
There is no question that we have lost some business
just in the last week as customers have been unable to
contact us for quotations.  Regrettably (from our
point of view) most of our customers have other
sources able to provide the same kinds of electronic
components we do. 

For the party who inquired about e-mail solutions for
Haiti, our in-Haiti e-mail address is a "yahoo"
account which of course is safely on a server outside
of Haiti.  Our customers have therefore been able to
e-mail us.  The problem for us has been to access our
own yahoo mailbox.  Solution has been to use a non-ACN
account of a good friend... however, the other service
has now become terribly overloaded.  Oh well... 
Lance Durban
MANUTECH, INC.  (www.manutec.com)

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