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#641: Phones in Haiti


Dear Ingegerd:

Greetings from Port-au-Prince.  I am sorry to read that you have't gotten 
through by phone in recent days.  The phone system isn't better or worse than 
normal as far as I know.

Yes, ACN is down, but AOL works and there are some other internet connections 
that should still work.  I am not sure about Hintelfocus for example 

Negotiations between ACN, CONATEL and the TELECO are going on.  RDDH has 
offered to be a "mediator".  Because of the interests involved, many people 
think we might get back on line by next week.  But nothing is sure....

Jan Voordouw

PS I am of course happy to help passing messages to Jacques for you.  He is 
VERY frustrated to have been cut off....