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#656: Bringing Restvec Problem to Light : Fonda

From: Dave Fonda <fonphoto@snip.net>

I will be traveling to the Les Cayes area at the end of the month to do some photography for Beyond Borders and their sister organization, Lamni Lavi.  One of BB/LL¹s projects is providing schooling for restavec children in the region.  These images will be used for fund raising for BB/LL, but I would like to be able to do more with them.

I will be in the country for two weeks;  the first week in Les Cayes, but the second week (the first week of Nov.)  is open at this point.  Does anyone have contacts or any suggestions on what further work I might be able to do on this issue in my second week?  Suggestions for specific aspects of the issue that ought to be covered?  Suggestions or contacts for outlets for the work when I return?  Anyone have specific needs for images that they¹d like me to try to get?  

I may also produce written stories to accompany the images.  If anyone can provide facts and figures, or sources for facts and figures, I¹d appreciate it.  Or is anyone currently working on a piece that would like to collaborate? 

This practice is one of the most deplorable results of Haiti¹s extreme poverty.  I feel that the possibility of stopping it, or at least reducing it, is very real:  few in Haiti acknowledge the existence of this practice;  when confronted with their participation, both parents and perpetrators express denial and, when pressed, shame.  Bringing it to light can impact its practice.  I¹d like to have a hand in illuminating the issue, but I need help.


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