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#677: Airline Could Be Fined (fwd)


Airline Could Be Fined   (ABC NewsWire)
Federal authorities have raided a Broward County home where a young girl
was reportedly a sex slave.Police say the Pembroke Pines family brought
the girl to South Florida from Haiti when she was nine-years-old. Now,
12... the child tells stories of repeated sexual assaults by 20-year-old
Willie Pompee Junior. Customs officials thought they had Pompee at Miami
Airport, aboard an American Airlines flight bound for Haiti, but it
turned out to be Pompee Senior. Then another American Airlines flight,
headed to Haiti, was boarded by Pompee Junior, and federal officials
again attempted to stop the plane. But they got there too late... and
the plane took off,leaving them empty-handed. Federal authorities are
now looking to fine American Airlines for denying the request to stop.