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#674: Creole courses : more detailed version


 Kalfou kreyol is now accepting applications for the fall semester. The 
language program will start Thursday, october 21 1999 in the greater 
Washington,DC area.
Here is a brief overview of the courses:

Kreyol 101: This class will equip the trainee with all the gramatical tools 
to understand and start talking Haitian kreyol. It focuses on syntax, 
vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, culture,and conversation. Recommended 
book:ANN Pale Kreyol.

Kreyol 220: This intermediate level focusses primarily on conversation. The 
"no-english" rule is strictly applied.Attention is paid to writing. Litterary 
work is introduced.
REcommended Book: Ann Pale Kreyol

Kreyol 360: This advanced level prepares the trainee to analyze  Kreyol 
litterature. Book reading, poems, essays, short stories are some of the 
activities that the paticipant will actively engage in.

Kreyol 225: This course is designed to meet the needs of Kreyol native 
speakers who want to learn how to write the language.

Kreyol 102: This is a semi-correspondence course. It is designed to meet the 
needs of those who cannot travel to take a kreyol course. It includes 8 
lessons with tapes that cover the same topics taught in Kreyol 101. In 
addition, the instructor makes a 20- minute weekly call to check on homework, 
pronunciation, and answer any questions that the trainee might have.

For additional information, please e-mail me at Danmbala@AOL.com
Alain Moise.