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#666: restavek : Russell comments

From: Anne Russell <avrussell@hotmail.com>

UNICEF in Haiti has done some exceptional reports on the situation of 
children, including restavek and children with AIDS.  One particularly 
poignant video was produced several years ago showing the relationship 
between the phenomenon of restaveks and the rise in the number of street 
children.  The video focused on child prostitution and the growth of AIDS in 
this population, but the links between how restaveks are treated, why they 
run away from their "adopted families", why they end up on the streets, why 
they take on prostitution, and why they catch AIDS is clear.  And very, very 

What is even sadder is that so few people are aware of the linkages between 
the one and the other.  Clearly more research needs to be done on these 
subjects, but UNICEF in Haiti is a good place to start.  I believe they also 
might have copies of the video available for viewing.  I highly recommend 

Anne Russell

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From: leonie hermantin <lhermantin@hotmail.com>

We would also like to know whether there are organizations in Haiti dealing
with this issue? Has the Haitian governemnt also enacted legislation on the

thank you

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