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#694: Restaveks- Foxwell replies to Davis


Corbett comments:  When Louis sent in this post I at first refused to post
it since as it stood it seemed to attack Karen Davis unfairly, and I don't
allow posts which attack persons rather than arguments.  However, Louis
clarified his position making this  claim:

The institution of Restavak's has always been based in slavery. The notion
that this is a
benign social institution is erroneous.

Given that clarification, then I decided to accept the post since perhaps
his attack on Karen's position, rooted as it is in his assumption about
the nature of the social institution of the restavek, may lead to some
useful discussion of this social system itself.     Bob Corbett
Foxwell comments:

Perhaps the moral code you adhere to does not have a problem with slavery. Mine does.
Providing loving care for desperate children is one thing. Abusing those children with slavery 
is quite another. 
Are financially comfortable Haitians incapable of loving and caring for poverty stricken 
Haitian children in their own homes? I think not. 
Haitians are deeply loving people with strong family bonds. The evil of Restavak slavery must 
be eradicated. It will be replaced with compassion and generosity.  

Louis Foxwell
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Nokomis, FL 34275
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