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#701: from Pat Dillon <patdillonrjm2@juno.com (fwd)

From: patricia dillon <patdillonrjm2@juno.com>

Does anyone know the name and a present address/phone/fax # for a singer
who has returned to Gros Morne, Haiti to do reforestation?  I read about
the singer in an American Airlines magazine three to six month ago. 
Recently a gentleman was talking about him, but didn't remember his name.
 I am working with people involved in reforestation  in  Gros Morne and
Grepin.  Thank you,  Pat Dillon, rjm <patdillonrjm2@juno.com>  After Oct
24, I can be reached via the Gros Morne Teleco office, fax:

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