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#706: Haitian Sweatshop workers : Speakers Monday in St. Louis

>From: Bill Ramsey <slhras@igc.org>
>Just a reminder that you have an opportunity next week to hear two
>garment workers and union organizers describe first hand sweatshop
>practices in Haiti.
>I hope to see you at one of the events listed below.
> Monday, October 11 - 8:30-10 AM
>Interfaith Breakfast Human Rights Office of Catholic Archdiocese
>462 N. Taylor
>Contact: Jim Herning  652-6100
>Monday, October . 11  - 8:00 PM
>Washington University Amnesty International Meeting
>Prince Hall,  Room 232 Washington University
>(Just east of Mallinckrodt Student Center)
>Contact: Susan Ellison- 727-6055
>Wednesday, October 13 - 7:30 PM
>St. Louis University Amnesty International Meeting
>Busch Center, Room 205  St. Louis University (Grand and Laclede)
>Contact: Ginny Willey- 531-4092

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