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#708: Question for this group


This is some questions for the group. A year ago today a close family friend 
was shot and killed in the streets. this frined of ours scored genius IQ when 
he was 12 was working in his masters in education. This man was killed by 
police and nothing became of the investigation. Where in Haiti did this 
happen?.......in Hempstead NY. 

In light of the Louima, Abadu Dialo, and countless other victims of police 
brutality in the united states why arent human rights organizations 
denouncing the police forces of this country as corrupt, ineficcient, and 
brutal? The relative safety that were apear to be enjoying in this country is 
due to the high flying economy and the oppression of the lower classes 
keeping them from overruning the "safer neighborhoods" in my opinion. then 
saying this arent all police forces in the world equal? Are we safer in the 
united states then in any other part of the world? What role does the 
200,000,000 guns in the U.S. have in the relatively safe, peace that we seem 
to be enjoying?