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#711: Question for this group : Grey comments


<<arent all police forces in the world equal?>>


<< Are we safer in the united states then in any other part of the world?  >>

Yes.  At least, I feel a lot safer here than I did in Haiti in 1993!  I am 
sorry about your friend, BUT I am sure that the police did not just walk up 
to him out of the clear blue sky and blow him away, neither did they murder 
him because of who he voted for.

That does not mean that abuses never happen here.  But when they do, they are 
recognized as ABUSES, not as standard operating procedure.  Men were 
victimized in exactly the same was as Louima, in Haitian prisons, over and 
over and over, and no one has ever been punished.

Kathy S. Grey