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#723: Lanavaz (fwd)

From: J Barnes <jbarnes@massed.net>

Although Haitians think Lanavaz is part of Haiti I just found an article in
Marine Conservation news on a recent international scientific expedition
which included Americans, Australians, Dominicans, Cubans, but no Haitians.
The first sentence of the second paragraph in the article says:  "Navassa is
a US territory about 40 miles west of Haiti.  Its land area is just two
square miles and it is surrounded by approximately 4,000 square miles of
pristine marine habitat."   One of the scientists describes the water as
being as clear as Evian.  Well I guess not all of Haiti is a total
environmental catastrophy.  Infortunately the only part that is said to be
great is now claimed by the great benefactor Uncle Sam.  If you would like
to see pictures of the island and some of its creatures  go to
denali.gsfc.nasa.gov/navassa.  The article also says that the island will be
featured in an upcoming television special by the Discovery Chaneel's Animal
Planet network.  Check the channel's website at