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# 727: Re: Lanavaz : Belokopitsky-Medard replies

From: Belokopitsky-Médard <amedard@gte.net>

Do you know what is the structure in the upper right part of the island in the
2nd image <http://denali.gsfc.nasa.gov/navassa/site_visits/>?   The lighthouse?

I understand that in September 1996, the Coast Guard ceased operations and
maintenance of Navassa Island Light, a 46-meter-tall lighthouse located on the
southern side of the island.  Who constructed it (U.S. Coast Guard?) & how long
has it been there?

Has the island's flora / wildlife  has been affected by the toxic waste washed
out from the beach in Gonaive?

Isn't it "convenient" now the island is described
<http://denali.gsfc.nasa.gov/navassa/> as being  "... about 70 miles east of
Jamaica" ... Haiti is so much closer.

It's curious that until the July/August 1998 expeditions,
<http://www.nybg.org/bsci/hcol/navassa/> mentions only 2 explorations of the
islands:   (Olaf Swartz (1784-1786) and Erik Ekman (1928) - both Swedes.  Is
this just coincidental, or has Sweden had any particular relationship to this