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#729: List to be shut down for 10 days

Folks, for the first time in a long while the list will be shut down.
When I was in Vienna a year ago we had just a few days while I was
getting reorganized there, but before that it was back in 1996 when
I was in Vienna and ended up not having e-mail and shut down for 6 or
8 weeks.  This time it will be short, just 10 days and I get away on
Fall Break and take advantage of my father's day present from one of
my sons and go to Paris.

I'll try to get anything I have out tomorrow morning before leaving, but
then I doubt I'll have any e-mail access until I get back.

If you get the shakes for Haiti news about the 5th day, well, just get
on the web and do a search.  It will turn up lots.

Best wishes,  Bob Corbett