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#737: Lafanmi Selavi Photography Website (fwd)


Dear Friends,
As most of you know, since January 1997, I have been working on photography 
projects with street children living at Lafanmi Selavi in Port-au-Prince. 
Lafanmi Selavi (The Family is Life) is a home for these children that 
Aristide began in 1986 when he was still a priest. Over 400 children are 
provided with schooling, food, a medical clinic, art and sports programs. 
Lafanmi Selavi is also the home of Radyo Timoun, Haiti's first radio station 
run by children, and Tele Timoun, their TV station.

I've been documenting the daily life at Lafanmi Selavi and giving slideshows 
for the kids, as well as teaching photography (4 workshops so far!) to the 
children. A friend has helped me set up a preliminary website:  

The site still needs much work (and editing!), and hopefully soon it will 
have its own domain. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I 
welcome all advice, feedback, criticism, and warm fuzzy thoughts as well. 
Both of the projects have been run on a shoestring and self-funded with help 
from friends and family donating cameras, photo supplies, and lots of 
invaluable support. I have postcards and notecards available for purchase, as 
well as prints, and all proceeds go toward continuing the projects. The 
fruits of our labors hang on the walls of the Aristide Foundation for 
Democracy in Port-au-Prince.

Thanks and peace.
love, Jen

Jennifer Cheek Pantaléon
The Lafanmi Selavi Photography Project and Documentary Project
184 Santa Rosa Avenue
Pacifica, CA  94044