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#744: Lamy's death and Lavalas: Chamberlain adds to Simidor (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

Daniel Simidor wrote:

Men bat chen, tann mèt li.  When a tree falls in the forest, it is always 
wise to look for the hand wielding the axe.  In this case, the axe may be a

former FAd'H or FRAPH henchman, but the chilling sense of deja vu, brought
this cold-blooded and perfectly executed operation, is strangely
of CIA spooks and School of the  Americas graduates of yesteryears. 
how high are the stakes in Haiti today?


It is possible (anything is possible).  But indeed, the question to be
asked is "how high are the stakes in Haiti today?"  I think you would have
to go into clinical conspiracy theory or pretend the Cold War was still
going on (which of course many people are prepared to do) to come up with
any "proof" that Haiti has any strategic or economic importance to the US
today that would include such a campaign (if it is such) of killings.  When
we cannot work out the answer to something, we human beings are always
tempted to make something up!  I'm ready to look at any evidence about all
this, but it'd have to pass the normal "scientific" tests and not be based
on hunches, nudge-nudge wink-wink or "on dit."  

It is rather alarming that Toussaint may soon take charge of the police. 
Following Toussaint's own reasoning, he himself probably committed the
crime from the simple fact that he lived for a while in the belly of the
beast -- the US -- where "naturally" he was recuited by the CIA etc.  As
was Aristide etc.etc.  Ad infinitum.  However, some the points in the
timeline he gave on the Lamy killing (see HOL of Oct 12) need
clarification.  Can he confirm them?  Or will that process be dropped,
fuzzed out, in favour of a wider campaign to regain power, based on some
startling "facts" thrown out at the time, whose revelation was remembered
by all but which were (perhaps "mysteriously") never followed up?

Greg Chamberlain