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List going back "up." First a special thanks to Greg Chamberlain

After a simply marvelous visit to Paris I'm back and the computer and
facing dozens of messages which need to go out to you all.  But first
a special thanks to Greg Chamberlain who went to great pains and bother,
to say nothing of incredible expense, to make the trip a memorable visit
related to Haiti business.

Our second night there Greg gather some list members and others at his
home for my first every meeting with a group of list members.  I know
many of you in NY and Miami especially, have been to such gatherings
but it was might first and was lots of fun and great talk of contemporary

Then in our last night there Greg arranged a cafe visit for me with
Leon-Francois Hoffman, whom I've corresponded with for ages but had
never met.  He and I share some interests in foreign novels that
deal with Haiti, and had an especially rich discussion about Toussaint
Louverture in connection with a book I am currently reading and which
you will get a lengthy review within the next week or so.

After than (and this has nothing to do with Haiti!!!) Greg took us to
a wonderful crowded restaurant with marvelous smells where we had delicious
escargot and the best trout I've ever had.  Greg led me to overdo the wine
a bit as he ordered some delicious red wine, and than another.  It was
one of the best restaurant visits I've had in my whole life.  It capped
a great visit.  

Thanks Greg, you've made me want to hurry back to Paris.  But Paris itself
has that effect too!

Now, let's get the messages flowing!!!!!!! (Like the wine did in Paris!)

Bob Corbett