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#750: Crown of Emperor Souloque (fwd)

From: Gerald L. Boarino <glb@olypen.com>

Hello, Bob:

A b/w photo postcard of the Emperor Soulouque's coronation crown is
being sent to me from Canada. I'll glady share a scan of it with anyone
inerested in seing it. One has but to command. 

[Corbett interjects:  Gerry, I would love to have a scan of it to post
on my web site.]

While I have seen photos of it (usually of poor quality) in  couple of
histories that deal with Haiti's mid-1850's, I have yet to run across
any literature that deals specifically with it today. However, somewhere
I did read that someone had seen it in the late 1920's.

Does anyone know whether it still exists? Is the crown possibility one
of the items that was whisked away by Baby Doc and entourage in the

Any info. would be appreciated.


Gerry [Gerald L. Boarino]