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#752: Daniel Simidor re Dany Toussaint's declarations on Haitionline (10/12/99) (fwd)


--  Dany Toussaint, Jean Lamy, former general Cherubin and other military 
"comrades" were working on a "security plan" to wipe out ("eradicate") the 
zenglendos in one month.

This would confirm what Haitians have been saying for months: that there is a 
plan on foot to reconstitute the Haitian army, under the pretext of fighting 
crime.  (Note the similarity with growing U.S. military involvement in 
Columbia, under the pretext of fighting drugs.)

--  Dany Toussaint insists on Manuel's guilt presumably because only Manuel 
would know Lamy's destination upon living his (Manuel's) house; Cherubin who 
had accompanied Lamy there was at the time on his cellular phone.

Wrong.  At least three other people were potentially in the know: the person 
or persons at Ravine Pintade whom Lamy was meeting next; Cherubin himself; 
and the people Cherubin was entertaining on the phone.  

--  Dany Toussaint threatens: "If Preval wasn't the president just now, the 
country would be shut down."

Is this a hoodlum speaking, or is it what a future chief of police in Haiti 
sounds like?

Daniel Simidor