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# 754: Lamy's death: comments

From: l.foxwell@worldnet.att.net

 Following Toussaint's own reasoning, he himself probably committed the
> crime from the simple fact that he lived for a while in the belly of the
> beast -- the US -- where "naturally" he was recuited by the CIA etc.  As
> was Aristide etc.etc.  Ad infinitum.  However, some the points in the
> timeline he gave on the Lamy killing (see HOL of Oct 12) need
> clarification.  Can he confirm them?  Or will that process be dropped,
> fuzzed out, in favour of a wider campaign to regain power, based on some
> startling "facts" thrown out at the time, whose revelation was remembered
> by all but which were (perhaps "mysteriously") never followed up?
> Greg Chamberlain

Right on the money, Greg. 
This sordid affair stinks of moral-debauchery-as-usual for the Haitian political elite. No need 
to go further than your nose on this one. Reaching for some global conspiracy ignores the 
obvious. Murder and mayhem continue to be the coin of Haitian power. 
The  more things change the more they stay the same.

Louis Foxwell

From: John Munsell <JMunsell@maf.org>

When people talk about recent US involvement in Haiti the boat people issue 
comes up.  "The US doesn't want another boat people situation (or maybe 
more accuratly, doesn't want any more "poor, tired, hungry"), and they want 
stability in the region, SO the US is involved and will or won't allow this 
or that to happen in Haiti."  I've always heard that these are the reasons 
the US gets involved in Haiti.  Is this true?  If not why does the US get 
involved here?   Broaden my perspective.  JM