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#756: International Peace Academy Track II Project in Haiti (fwd)

From: david malone <malone@ipacademy.org>

A report on a political facilitation project, aimed at promoting dialogue among Haiti's political parties and some civil society organizations, 1997-99, is available on the IPA web-site www.ipacademy.org as of October 21.

This project was carried out in partnership with and with financial support from CECI (Montreal) and Fafo (Oslo) with participation by the Canadian and Norwegian governments.  USIP and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation also contributed financial support.

Some of the project's objectives were met, while others proved elusive or impossible to attain.  The report aims to be frank on the project's weaknesses, particularly with respect to its implementation on the ground.  The project also produced and /or contributed to some unintended consequences with respect to the political evolution in Haiti earlier this year.  We sought to be as frank as possible so that others, tempted by the potential of Track II activities (in which we continue to believe strongly), may benefit from our experiences and negotiate the pitfalls of such efforts with greater awareness.

We are holding a press conference today at the United Nations to launch the report.  Hard copies are available by contacting one of the authors, Marlye Gelin Adams at gelin-adams@ipacademy.org

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