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#766: Women's culture in Haiti/Fertility and Parenting (fwd)

From: Nadine <anacaona@dsuper.net>

Though a lot has been written on women's status in Haiti, I've never
seen any accounts of women's culture - female attitudes towards things
that effect women in particular.

For about two or three months I've been meaning to post a question to
the list: how is fertility lived by women (all classes)? How are things
like pregnancy, breastfeeding, child raising perceived?

I'm a product of "alternative" parenting, and am very interested in
raising my own future children in non-oppressive ways, in ways that
stimulate and enrich their lives. Having grown up in Haiti, and in
contact with Black people from various communities and nationalities
here in Montreal, I've heard a number of horror stories around corporal
punishment and overly strict parents, things I vehemently disagree with
- but I can't help but prefer the end result of Haitian parenting to
lots of things we see in North America.

Basically, I'd like to have a broader viewer of Haitian practices
surrounding pregnancy/childhood, and would be really happy if I find any
threads that support my own ideology and beliefs surrounding the issue
(hipmama.com is a good snapshot of what those are.)

This is bit of a stray from the lists usual preocupations
(history/politics/religion), it could be a nice break.