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#768: English pub is a draw in Miami's Little Haiti : Villain comments

From: Marc Villain <mvillain@mail.mia.bellsouth.net>

In more than one occassions I have stopped at Churchill's Pub in Little
Haiti for a cold one. I am always fascinated at the choice of putting a
British Pub in a urban core neighborhood like Little Haiti. I recall a
special moment there, where after receiving notice from the National
Credit Union Administration that a charter has been awarded to the
proposed Little Haiti-Edison Federal Credit Union, couple of board
members and myself were scrambling for a place to celebrate the news,
when one of them suggested Churchills'. We had a ball. The bartender was
a funny middle age lady with a smart sense of humor. We reminisced about
the challenges that we've ecountered in the application process and
toasted to the success of this newly chartered financial institution in
the community.

Here we were: a Canadian, an American, myself a Haitian, celebrating an
historical moment (the green light to operate the first community
development financial institution outside of Haiti serving Haitians
immigrants) in a British Pub in Little Haiti. I am glad it was never
sold. Even today, everytime I passed in front of it, I remembered the
good time I spent there.


Marc Villain