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#799: Creole translator needed. Paid position

From: Jean Jonassaint <jonj1996@duke.edu>

From: Rosey Truong <rtruong@duke.edu>
To: jonj1996@duke.edu

Dear Prof. Jonassaint:

My name is Rosey Truong and I work on an oral history and photography
documentary project based at the Center for Documentary Studies here at

We are in need of a fluent Creole speaker to transcribe and translate
several taped interviews of Haitians who were interviewed for our project.
I am writing you at Professor Clare Tufts suggestion, in hopes that you
might know of someone who might be interested in this work.  My guess is
that it would probably only require 10-12 hours total to transcribe and
translate these three short interviews.

(CORBETT INTERJECTS:  please reply directly to this person (who is not
a list member) and not back to the list or me.)

Do you know of someone who might be willing to do this?  The fee is
negotiable, and we have a dictaphone here at the Center that he or she
could use to help facilitate the transcription (although it is easily done
with a regular cassette player as well).

I would greatly appreciate your response.
Rosey Truong

Rosey Truong
Indivisible Project Assistant
Center for Documentary Studies
Duke University
1317 W. Pettigrew
Durham, NC  27705