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#810: Aristide Partisans Break Up Ceremony : Villain comments

From: Marc Villain <mvillain@mail.mia.bellsouth.net>

For the second time this year on this list, it has been reported that
political protests in Haiti are sometimes marked by the throwing of
bottles of urine at the opposition. I grew up in Haiti mostly under
Jean-Claude Duvalier's regime, and although political discordance of any
kind was a rarety, I do not recall this practice ever discussed or
mentioned even in an historical context.

I've heard of Daniel Fignole's "roulo komprese" in the 50's and other
forms of popular expression against the political establishment but
nothing about "bottles of urine". Is this a new of political expression
sweeping the country? A convenient substitute for "pitch fork", maybe?
or even a kinder, gentler (somewhat) replacement of the "per lebrun"?

Marc Villain